You can use this step to get row(s) matching the minimum value in a given column. You can optionally specify to apply the step by group, i.e. get min row(s) by group.

This step is supported by the following backends:

  • Mongo 5.0
  • Mongo 4.2
  • Mongo 4.0
  • Mongo 3.6

Where to find this step?

  • Widget Filter
  • Search bar

Options reference

  • Search min value in...: the column the minimum value will be searched in

  • Group by... (optional): you can optionally select one or several columns that will be used to constitute unique groups (equivalent to the columns that you would specify after the GROUP BY clause in SQL or in the _id field of a $group in Mongo aggregation pipeline). Then the step will return min row(s) for every group)


This configuration results in: