Pivot column

You can use this step if you need to transform rows into columns. It is the reverse operation of an unpivot step.

Pivoting a column into several columns means that every unique label found in that column becomes a column header. The column gets pivoted “around” fixed columns that you can specify. You also need to specify a value column where values will be found to fill pivoted columns. If aggregation needs to be performed, you can choose the aggregation function (sum by default).

Equivalent to the PIVOT clause in SQL.

This step is supported by the following backends:

  • Mongo 5.0
  • Mongo 4.2
  • Mongo 4.0
  • Mongo 3.6

Where to find this step?

  • Widget Reshape
  • Search bar

Options reference

  • Keep columns...: the columns to remain fixed, around which the pivot will occur

  • Pivot column...: the column to be pivoted

  • Use values in...: the columns where values are found to fill the pivoted columns

  • Aggregate values using...: the aggregation function to be used when aggregation has to be performed

  • Pivot values in ...: for sql translator only, values to keep in value column


This configuration results in: